Sudden Death and Violence

Later Courtney: A Mother Says Goodbye

The author's daughter, Courtney, died at the age of 22 in an auto accident. By sharing her experience, grieving parents will find comfort and support for the difficult task of grieving the death of a child.
- Susan Evans

Living with Grief After Sudden Loss

Sudden loss, death without forewarning, understandably creates special problems for survivors. Here 21 nationally recognized experts in the field of trauma and grief guide readers to recognize elements of the role of effective helping related to all kids of sudden loss. Included are chapters on suicide, homicide, accident, heart attach, stroke, military deaths and much more.
-Kenneth Doka

When a Child Has Been Murdered

This important book discusses the specifics of murdered-child grief including: emotions of grieving parents, the criminal justice system and how to help reconstruction of shattered lives.
- Bonnie Hunt Conrad