Elementary School Suggestions

A Child Remembers

Age 8-12. At last we've got something that meets the needs of this age group. There are pages for remembering favorite stories, favorite things of the person they lost and art pages. Other books by Enid Traisman include: Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins - a journal for grieving teens and I Remember, I Remember - a journal for the bereaved.

Don't Despair on Thursdays!

Grief is a serious experience for everyone, including children. After the loss of a relative, or a friend, or a pet, children may grieve much more intensely and much longer than many adults might suppose. Just because children are smaller than most adults does not mean that their grief is any smaller or less important than ours. The amount of grief a person feels cannot be determined by the weight, or the height, or the age of the griever.

While children grieve, they need good information that can assist them in accepting the loss and dealing with the pain they feel. DON'T DESPAIR ON THURSDAYS! was written to help children understand how grief affects them and to offer ways by which they can cope with and finally overcome their emotional trauma. - Adolph Moser, Ed.D.

Getting Used to Candy

Perfect for the surviving parent and the children who are beginning to move on and experience life again. Dad and Mom used to drive a beat-up old car named Vi. After Mom died Dad bought a bright red new car and started dating Debbie. The spunk girl in our story doesn't like the new car named Candy and she doesn't like Debbie either. You'll cry then laugh at the wonderful outcome which recognizes the love both have for Mom and the need to create a new life. - Helen Landalf

How it Feels When a Parent Dies

18 children from age 7 - 17, speak openly of their experiences and feelings. As they speak we see them in photos with their surviving parent and with other family members, in the midst of their everyday lives. - J. Krementz

I Know I Made It Happen - a gentle book about feelings

Deals with childhood guilt in a positive way. We look at feelings when there's a family fight, a divorce, illness, injury and death. Gives kids support and understanding during crisis. Thoughts do not make bad things happen!
-Lynn Bennett Blackburn

If Nathan Were Here

If Nathan were here, we would meet in our tree fort. we would take the shortcut through the woods. we would try to splash each other in the puddles.
In If Nathan Were Here, author Mary Bahr gently explores the grief of a young boy whose best friend has died. With the help of an understanding teacher, a kind neighbor, and an empathetic parent, the boy finds ways to give expression to his questions and sorrow and to reach out to someone else who needs him.

Mary Bahr's evocative text conveys a child's grief with honesty and sensitivity, while Karen Jerome's soft watercolors poignantly capture the tender nature of children's friendships. - Mary Bahr

The Invisible String

by Patrice Karst to which reminds us we are still connected to loved ones even when we are apart.

Lost and Found - Remembering a Sister

Grandma said we lost Paige. My parents said she died." A young girl wonders what her family will be like without Paige. She also wonders if she is still a sister. In the end she discovers that Paige will always be her sister and will always be a part of her family.

The Saddest Time - 3 stories

Death of an Uncle. Michael knows that Uncle Joe was dying. Michael wished uncle Joe would get better but he knew it wouldn't happen. Whenever he saw a kite flying high, he would remember his Uncle Joe. (2) Death of a Classmate. Teddy's desk sat empty. The children remember all the great things Teddy did. (3) Death of a Grandmother. Emily's family go to visit grandma at the hospital. Then they go to the funeral. When Emily makes cookies she always thinks of Grandma. - Norma Simon

Sibling Grief - After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death

This helpful booklet explores the grief experienced by surviving brothers and sisters. Valuable coping tips for both parents and children.
- Centering Corporation

Since My Brother Died
Desde Que Murió Mi Hermano

In this book, the child talks about how things are different since his brother died. 'It was like a nightmare! There are so many feelings. Sometimes you feel sad and sometimes you feel normal. Mostly, you feel all mixed up.' In the end, the child realizes his brother is still alive in his heart.
-Marison Muñoz-Kiehne

Sunflowers & Rainbows for Tia - Saying good-bye to Daddy

Parent Council Review: 'This story is about a child whose father dies ad home. It follows the family from the night of the father's death through the days following the funeral. The feelings of the child and the events surrounding her father's death are realistically portrayed and caringly addressed. The illustrations are bright and colorful and the text is rich and descriptive. This is an excellent resource for families who are experiencing, or will soon experience, the death of a family member.'
-Alesia Alexander-Greene

The Healing Tree

'Sammy couldn't wait to go to Baba Marta's house. Her grandma told such wonderful stories. They were stories that filled her with delight. But the story Baba told Sammy today was different. Sammy and Bab had been sitting on the old swing under the oak tree. Sammy noticed a long bare strip on the trunk of the tree where there was no bark. 'Baba, what happened to this tree? Why is there a big scar running down the middle of it?'' So begins the story of the healing tree. - Kathleen Maresh Hemery

The Next Place

An inspirational journey of light and hope to a place where earthly hurts are left behind. An uncomplicated journey of awe and wonder to a destination without barrier. Embrace the spirit of oneness. -Warren Hanson

When Your Grandparent Dies

Losing a grandparent is often a child's first experience with grief. The ordeal can be as bewildering as it is painful. Explaining what happens from a child's eye view, the little elves in this book depict the difficult days before, after, and beyond a grandparent's death. They explore the meaning of death & heaven, as well as how to stay close in spirit with a grandparent who has died. With ideas for action and questions for discussion, this creative guide will help you help your grieving child to create comforting memories and find closure. 32 pages; 8"x8"; full color illustrations throughout. - Victoria Ryan